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Jeroen van Veen

Philip Glass on Vinyl

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Veen, Jeroen Van
Glass; Mad Rush

This double-LP issue presents a generous selection of the piano works by Philip Glass, probably the most iconic figure of Minimal Music. In Glass’ music the element of repetition creates a magical atmosphere, in which the little cells of musical motives shift constantly, seemingly by chance, like clouds in the sky. Jeroen van Veen recorded Glass’ complete piano music on 3 CD’s, this LP issue reaches out for a new audience, adventurous and open minded. With extensive notes on the composer 180 grams audiophile Vinyl, 33
rpm. Despite its title, this album is anything but a ‘mad rush’; indeed, any listener looking to relax and better acquaint themselves with the music of Philip Glass will no doubt be affected by the sheer beauty of the mesmeric works that make up the release. Jeroen van Veen, a consummate performer and minimalist composer in his own right, has delved into the lesser-known area of Glass’s output to bring together a highly varied repertoire. Beginning with Metamorphosis, a piece made up of five sections that comprise beautifully subtle transformations, and ending with Mad Rush, less ‘mad’ than the energetic Metamorphosis, the release also includes musical excerpts from the film The Hours – the score for which Glass won the Best Film Music BAFTA in 2002. The American composer has had an unusual career, eschewing traditional paths of classical music to incorporate more exotic elements into his work, such as patterns and rhythms drawn from traditional Indian music. He is now one of the most successful minimalist composers of our time, crossing a wide variety of traditional genres with his music for film and TV as well as the concert hall.

Format: 2-LP
EAN: 5028421900032
Artikelnummer: 90003
Releasedatum: 05-12-2014
Label: Brilliant Classics